Bob Mentor Welcomes You, You Made it!

Welcome to Bob Mentor, your personal business coach.


You took the first step of your journey to independence. You made it. Your first step to be completely free.


You would not be here and reading this if you weren’t looking for freedom for you and your family. Independence, from all constraints.

You are looking to make money from the internet? You have come to the right place.

What is Bob Mentor offering?

With this blog, Bob Mentor will show you a formula how to build your own online business so you can fire your boss. You will receive all the tips and tricks to lead your business to success because you deserve the financial freedom which gives you the peace of mind and the leisure to do what ever you like.  Time to travel, time for and with your family or any other passion you may have.

This is not a “get rich quick overnight” scheme because building always takes some time and effort.

Realize, the period of your life you are working is the longest of your life, roughly from 25 to 60+ years. Retirement is pleasant as long as you have the financial resources. But let’s assume you do.  Your childhood was fun too. Now it is in YOUR hands to make the working period of your life to be pleasant too. 

Imagine how it would be to work from anywhere, traveling the world with your family whenever you like, buy the things you have always wanted, have a fully paid house and everything you always desired.

We show you how you can achieve all this by building a sustainable business which you can run independently from home or any place in the world. You only need WIFI and a dream.

What is the cost of Bob Mentor?

Bob Mentor’s service is free, or for complete disclosure and transparency, I pay myself from commissions when you purchase products you need through one of my affiliate links. I might offer mentoring and coaching to people who do not buy anything from me on demand on a subscription basis. But for now that is not on the agenda.

Bob Mentor will guide you to a FREE marketing system – The Global Profit System – which will walk you through the setup of the three essential tools each person needs to be successful online. Be it for your online business, or for online marketing your brick and mortar business.

These tools are:

  • a landing page to collect email addresses of targeted leads: you can use the free one supplied with Global Profit System or get ClickFunnels which is an awesome application because you will need, at some point, to have your own landing pages, cut to your business and your personality. You need to stand out from the crowd. ClickFunnels is Free for two weeks trial and then $97 a month. Yes it sounds like a lot, but it is worth every cent. Bob Mentor will provide you done for you landing pages you can import into ClickFunnels.
  • An automatic email service: I recommend Aweber as it integrates in most online applications and specifically into Global Profit System and ClickFunnels.  You get the first month free as a trial period then it costs $19 per month to start. Bob Mentor will provide you of a 30 day automatic email follow up sequence you can import.
  • A domain name: You will want to brand yourself and make some $$ at the same time. For a first domain name we direct you to GDI. The first week is free and $10 per month thereafter.
    For more domain names, and you probably will want some more as you progress, you use Universal Biz Hosting.You will use them to mask your affiliate links which look not very inviting.

The training to set up the tools and how to use them is FREE. Bob Mentor teaches how to drive traffic to your landing pages and you can be up and running the same day.

Make Money Back

The interesting part is that these tools have each an awesome affiliate program therefore you should make your money back very easily. When I was testing the tools, I did it from scratch without using my Bob Mentor resources like my subscriber list. I made $800 after the first 6 weeks just by following the video tutorials. These commissions are paying largely for your initial investment. The good part is that those commissions are recurring every month!

Besides the Global Profit System I recommend different training courses to learn how to drive traffic. Internet Marketing is all about traffic and learning the best practices. The prices range from $15 to $197, all one time payments. They teach about how to drive traffic for free for instance or how to write compelling emails to market to your list and make $$$.

Bob Mentor introduces you as well to two more “secret societies”, reserved only for people who are really serious about building and growing their business. One is the “inner Circle” ($37 per month) the other “WiFi Wealth Partner” (one time payment of $1000).

On a regular basis Bob Mentor recommends, for a few days, other products which I deem useful and can help your business. Generally they are new on the market and not older than a few days or weeks. I will send a few short email messages to you about them. If you feel they are not for you, just ignore and don’t buy but I always suggest to take a look. Generally those products are rather cheap like a one time payment of $20 – $50 bucks. No big deal.

You have to position yourself for the best results and the maximum possible income. Therefore you need tuition and tools. Like in every business or craft.

More About Bob Mentor

What I offer more as Bob Mentor is myself. I am committed to help serious and committed people to build their online business.

Bob Mentor is not a Guru and hopes never be considered as one. I am a simple guy who struggled a long time before I discovered what works and what does not. What I want is to pass that on to people who trust me and want to work with me. I do not have a “from rag to riches” story like many marketers do and have always been rather privileged in my life; nor do I live in a huge mansion or drive a Lamborghini.

If you want to know more about Bob Mentor you can read “Who am I?” and watch the video in which i bear a bit more about myself. I really had to step out of my comfort zone to record that video as I do not like to talk about myself.

You can follow Bob Mentor by reading this blog and get into one or more of the opportunities or, even better, get “all-in” and indulge in the live coaching.

You may read of some results some people have. Please know that results are never typical and results vary from person to person. Please read our disclaimer.

If you are interested to get into one or more opportunities but are undecided as to what to choose contact me at I will be pleased to guide you and tell you the pros and cons and what will be required from you time – and money-wise.

You will receive here my personal opinion about online income opportunities. You might not agree and you are free to do so as much as I am free to think otherwise. Live and let live.

Technique and Mindset

Bob Mentor will publish techniques that I am using in my daily business and which work for me. I will never talk about a marketing strategy or technique that I do not apply myself. There is no reason that those strategies and techniques would not work with you if you follow exactly the Bob Mentor training. 

Another point I am writing about is the mindset. Mindset is a very important thing in business and for Bob Mentor. You must believe in what you do. You must know and understand what you want to do and why you are doing it. First learn Why you do what you do. Then bother with the How and last with the What.

I would appreciate if you signed up to the Global Profit System and start right away or subscribed to our Newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Feel free to ask questions on my Facebook Page “Bob MENTOR” I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. 

There are as well a few video replays you can watch but I recommend to subscribe to my YouTube Channel which is more up to date than the video replay page on here.

Bob Mentor get your own business

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